Point Grey Road Test Reverse Stall Park

In my experience with New Day Vancouver Driving School, the number one thing that makes drivers taking the Vancouver Point Grey Class 7 road test nervous is the prospect of backing into a stall at the end of the test. For most experienced drivers taking the Class 5 road test, the reverse stall park here doesn’t present much of a challenge. But for those with less experience and confidence taking the Class 7 road test, it presents a variety of opportunities for things to go wrong.

This road test was a pass.This road test was a pass.

The Point Grey parking lot is in a residential alley, and there isn’t a lot of room to maneuver like in the other offices. To make it even more interesting, you get the bonus of garbage bins jutting into the alley once a week on garbage day. You also get cars coming at you from both ends of the alley adding another level of intimidation. Of course the parking spots are on an uphill incline and you better have good control of the gas. And don’t forget the stone-faced examiner watching you sweat while you turn your steering wheel the wrong way, forget to put the car in reverse, and keep fiddling with a signal light that keeps going off.

At the Point Grey office you will invariably approach with your spot being on the left. In the other offices, you usually approach with the spot on your right. For some reason, most new drivers find the Point Grey approach more difficult.

Your luck on this park also depends on your examiners tolerance of getting close to the cars already parked and of course don’t forget those garbage cans. Some examiners will let you get within inches of the neighbouring car, while others will stop you if they think you will brush one of the garbage cans and call it a dangerous action. Damn, I failed my driving test for getting near a plastic garbage can!

The upside of all this is that the parking lot has a very limited number of spaces and you might get lucky and just pull over and park on the street if the spots are full.  But don’t worry, you can always take a lesson or two from Vancouver’s New Day Driving School and learn how to handle this park and the others presented on the Class 7 road test.

New Day Vancouver Driving School offers friendly, professional driving lessons in Vancouver, and I would be happy to share my unique teaching style and service to help you prepare for the Vancouver Point Grey Class 7 or Class 5 road test.