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Kitsilano Diversion on the Point Grey Road Test

The intersection of MacDonald Street and the Kitsilano Diversion is without a doubt the number one spot that the Point Grey Class 7 road test is failed. While there is a multitude of confusing intersections in Point Grey, this one is in a class of its own.

The Kitsilano Diversion (referred to as the “Kits Divide” by Point Grey Driver examiners) cuts across MacDonald Street at an angle, joining 10th and 12th Avenues. Because of the angle of the Kitsilano Diversion, confusion reigns at this intersection. Going straight is not usually a big problem, but just like the many other confusing Point Grey intersections, it’s left turns that pose the biggest challenge. Even if you a have a clear understanding of how to handle this road test killer, the other road users will do their best to make your road test a nightmare.

When entering this intersection, the layout is deceiving. It is very wide, and it looks like you should go deep into it to make a left turn. But the opposite is true; you can only go in slightly, because if you go in too far, you’ll be blocking the left-turning vehicles coming from the other direction. When you are facing a left-turning vehicle that has gone in too far, you’ll soon realize what the problem is.

Be very careful if you go into the intersection behind another left-turning vehicle, which is definitely possible when the first vehicle has gone in too far leaving you plenty of space to follow in. There is generally mass confusion as both sides try to clear the intersection when the traffic light turns amber and red.

When you are able to clear the intersection, you may not realize what a long drive it is to get out, and be aware of the usual amber/red light runners coming through in the curb lane.

The other problem is a curved yellow broken line, which you should follow when clearing the intersection. Many drivers make the mistake of going into the intersection at an angle following the yellow line. Consequently they are now blocking the vehicles trying to go straight. And if you are going straight, don’t be surprised to find a left-turning vehicle blocking your path.

The Point Grey road test is famous for it’s confusing intersections, but New Day Driving School is the Point Grey road test expert. If you want to go into your Point Grey road test with the best chance of success, let me, Perry, help you simplify the myriad complications of the Point Grey road test area.