Booking a New Day Lesson

One of the problems that I have faced since New Day Driving School has become so successful is that I am unable to meet the demand of all of the prospective clients who would like to use my services. New Day Driving School has evolved into being the Point Grey road test expert, and the fact is that no other driving school can come close to offering the expertise, experience, and insights that I can.

New Day Driving School is just a one-person business run by me, Perry. I work in daylight hours, every day, with occasional days off and vacations. The highest demand times for appointments are late afternoon/evenings and weekends, so these appointments usually need to be booked well in advance. My schedule has been typically booked up completely a few weeks in advance, but now it is pretty solidly booked for over a month. I simply cannot accommodate the demand I get for lessons.

The students who have the best chance of getting appointments are able to book in advance. I can help on short notice if I get cancellations (possible) or if I have gaps in my schedule. If I can meet students at or near the Point Grey ICBC office, there is also a better chance of getting appointments as I am in that area most of the day assisting clients who are preparing for the Point Grey road test.

I can be contacted by phone or email. I do not answer my phone if I’m driving or if I’m with a client. I try to return all phone calls the same day, and I will answer emails within twenty-four hours.

My service area is the west side of Vancouver; I am unable to pick up or drop off students east of Cambie Street. I only assist students for the Point Grey road test; I do not assist with road tests at any other ICBC location.

I would like to thank all of my students over the years for making New Day Driving School so successful, and I look forward to assisting future clients who I am sure will enjoy and benefit from the New Day experience.