Monthly Archives: November 2017

Evening and Weekend Lessons

Every day I am contacted by prospective clients who are interested in driving lessons. By far the most requested times for lessons are evenings and weekends. Many or most people work or go to school during the day, and that is the only time that they can take lessons. I wish I could accommodate this demand, but it is simply not possible.

My weekend schedule is already fully booked for the rest of the year. I am reluctant to book lessons too far in advance, so currently I am not booking any weekend appointments.

I only do lessons in daylight, so this time of year the latest appointment that I can schedule is generally at 3:30 pm. So basically I don’t have any evening appointments during the winter. I do occasional lessons for students who want to get practice driving in the dark, but unfortunately I cannot offer evening lessons for inexperienced drivers or for anyone who is trying to prepare for a driving test. During lessons in the dark (and rain) it is just too hard to see, and I find it too dangerous and stressful to conduct a proper driving lesson or road test preparation.

For now, New Day Driving School is a one-person business with me, Perry, as the only instructor. I can’t accommodate the demand that I get for lessons, but I would like to thank everyone who has done their research and have decided to contact me for their driving lessons.