Monthly Archives: May 2020

ICBC Road Testing Update

Sorry – bad news. If you are looking forward to taking a road test this spring or summer, you are probably out of luck. Since March 17 ICBC has said road tests are cancelled indefinitely; the latest update on is that they are suspended until further notice. The further notice is likely months down the road.

Speaking to the Point Grey ICBC office this week, my information is that road tests are not likely to start again until August, maybe, and this is just speculation. When asked on Global TV about when road tests might start, Premier John Horgan had no information except that ICBC is working on it.

The premier also mentioned that ICBC is thinking of things like having a plexiglass shield in the driving test vehicle. This will be quite a problem for private vehicles. ICBC’s Driver Training department has advised driving schools to not to install permanent plexiglass dividers in their vehicles until ICBC has developed appropriate guidelines, so it sounds like plexiglass shields might become part of the new normal.

I can’t imagine anything but trouble trying to get an appointment once road tests start up again. Before COVID 19 there was a three-month wait for an appointment; after being shut down for at least three or four months, it’s easy figure out that things won’t be looking good.

If you had a road test scheduled at Point Grey that was cancelled before the end of March and ICBC contacted you, they will probably schedule an appointment for you once they start up again. If your road test was cancelled later on, hopefully you’re not in a rush to get your license.

Unfortunately there’s not much good news on taking a road test. But New Day Driving School will be there to help you when things normalize with the unparalleled New Day expertise and customer service.