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Using the New Day Vehicle for the Point Grey Road Test

Like most driving schools, my students have the option of using my vehicle for the Point Grey road test. I offer a two-hour road test package, which includes about one hour of time for the road test and one hour of time for practice, pick up, and drop off, for a total of two hours of time. But I don’t simply offer a car rental service – I can only offer the use of my vehicle to students who have taken a lesson with me at some point before the road test day. I am in the teaching business, not the car rental business.

I only allow clients to use my car for their road test if I know that they are ready and should pass. If I meet a client on the day of the road test and I haven’t seen their driving before, I have no idea of what their driving is like. So I have a policy that if a client would like to use my vehicle for their road test, they must take a lesson before the road test date so I can see that they’re ready, or at least safe. If I can see the student has no chance of passing, I cannot allow them to use my car for the road test.

I have an excellent reputation with the ICBC driver examiners. Of course my students don’t pass 100% of the time, but the examiners are always expecting someone who is prepared. Recently I made an exception to my policy of a lesson before the road test day. I let someone use my car who I found out, contrary to her mother’s claims, was nowhere close to being ready for the road test, and failed miserably. Her examiner asked me, “What happened? Your students are always prepared.”

If you have a Class 5 or 7 road test scheduled at Point Grey and would like some lessons to prepare, you are welcome to use my vehicle for your road test. If you’re just looking to rent a car and get some last-minute tips, unfortunately I won’t be able to assist; thank you for understanding.