Failed Your Roadtest?

It can be very discouraging and frustrating when you fail your road test. Torn and crumpled road test papers are not an unusual sight at a licensing office parking lot.

When I was a driver examiner for ICBC I saw hundreds of drivers who kept coming back for road tests because they didn’t have a clear understanding of why they failed the previous time(s). At the end of an unsuccessful road test many examinees only hear “you failed” and don’t absorb valuable information from the examiner. A typical example is a driver who failed for speeding in a school zone, and then failed the next road test for driving too slow. This type of situation is all too common, but rare after taking my lessons.

If you feel you need professional help to pass your next road test at the Point Grey ICBC licensing office, contact Perry at New Day Vancouver Driving School. During my driving lessons in Vancouver I can quickly pinpoint the areas that you need to improve on. I will quickly evaluate your driving, and determine if you need serious help or just have a few basic problems to work on before your next road test.

If you want a great driving teacher and a fun, productive driving lesson, contact Perry at New Day Vancouver Driving School. Take control of your next road test with a Vancouver driving instructor who knows what it takes to pass the Point Grey Class 7 or Class 5 road test.