Learning Drivers

Whether you have never driven a car or have some experience, New Day Vancouver Driving School can help you.

learners driving licenseNew Day lessons are practical, interactive, and fun. No boring classroom lectures; you get your teaching where you need it the most – on the road. My teaching style is professional, calm, and friendly – no yelling when you make mistakes. My goal is to build your confidence and give you the tools you need to be a safe, confident, and knowledgable driver.

If you are an absolute beginner driver, I can teach you the basic driving skills and get you ready to practice with a supervisor. I will give you lessons that are personalized for your specific needs.

If you just want a lesson or two to prepare for the Point Grey road test, I can help. New Day Vancouver Driving School is the road test expert.

If you have failed the the Class 7 road test, I can get you ready for your next attempt. I will quickly determine the areas in which you need improvement and reinforce the positive aspects of your driving.

If you have had your L for a long time but haven’t driven for a while and want to get started again – I can help.

I can teach you how to handle the vehicle – that is the easy part. I also focus on helping you gain insights into the behaviours of other drivers and developing your understanding of the physical driving environment.

Safety first

While performing about 15,000 road tests with ICBC I saw everything. Close calls, near misses, anything can and does happen with an inexperienced driver. The safety of the driver, the instructor, and other road users is my primary concern. With my extensive experience I know how to take control of dangerous or upsetting situations in a calm and professional manner. We come back with everyone in one piece and look forward to the next lesson.