Novice Drivers

Time to Lose Your “N”?

It’s time to lose your “N” for Novice Drivers and you have a road test booked. The Point Grey Class 5 road test should be a breeze. You already know how to drive and have two years of experience under your belt.
Novice Driving License

But the fact is that a large percentage of novice drivers fail the Point Grey Class 5 road test. The actual skill it takes to drive a car is rarely a factor in the unsuccessful attempt. To be successful on the road test you require a clear understanding of ICBC’s road test criteria and what the driver examiner expects from you. Too many people rely on their friends or second-hand information to prepare for their test. Consequently they receive misinformation and have to go back for another try.

Should you take a refresher lesson to prepare for your Point Grey Class 5 road test? Absolutely. When I was a driver examiner I saw many qualified drivers fail what should have been an easy road test, wasting time and money. Driving too fast or too slow; poor highway driving; over-cautious or over-confident, the list goes on.

Don’t rely on rumours and misinformation. Let a professional Vancouver driving instructor who performed about 15,000 road tests for ICBC show you what you need to know to pass the Point Grey Class 5 Road test.

Contact New Day Vancouver Driving School and take control of your driving – before the examiner does.