Point Grey Road Test

If you are taking your road test at the Point Grey ICBC licensing office, New Day Driving School would be happy to help you prepare.

The Point Grey road test presents a number of challenges which New Day can help you deal with: narrow roads, hills, unusual intersections, and of course pedestrians and cyclists. If you are not familiar with the Point Grey area and its myriad trouble spots, you may be greatly surprised on your road test. A session with New Day will show you some of the typical road test routes and the various unusual driving situations that are particular to Point Grey.

New Day is the Point Grey road test expert. If you want your best shot at passing the Point Grey road test, a session with me, Perry, of New Day Vancouver Driving School will go a long way to a successful result. Over my career as a driver examiner and driving instructor I have amassed an incredible amount of knowledge that I am happy to share.

Need a vehicle for the Point Grey road test?

For students who take lessons from me I can offer the use of the New Day vehicle for your Point Grey road test. I cannot offer this service to students who have not taken at least one lesson with me some time prior to the road test date.

The price for a two-hour road test package is $140, which includes about one hour for the road test, and one hour for pick up, drop off, and practice time.