Seniors Re-Exam

When I was a driver examiner, one of the hardest things to do was telling a senior that they couldn’t drive anymore. Three failed road tests means your driving is finished; it’s over. Losing the freedom and independence that driving offers can be a traumatic experience.

If you really want to continue driving and want to have your best chance of passing the road test, I would strongly recommend a lesson with a professional driving school. You will only be able take the road test three times, so try to be prepared on the first attempt. I have helped a few seniors and I usually first hear from them after they have failed their road test.

In my experience, most examinees arrive for their road test with no idea of what to expect on the driving test. It may have more than sixty years since you’ve had a driving test and things have definitely changed. Even if you feel you are a good driver, it is very important to know exactly what the examiner is looking for on the road test.

You are welcome to contact me (Perry 604 788-6978) and I will be happy to discuss your situation. I can meet you at your home and go for a drive. I will give you my honest assessment of your driving and hopefully work towards a succcessful road test.